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Book report

                The BFG

Author:Roald Dahl

iIlustrated by: Quentin Blake

First published in 1982 


          The story starts in an orphanage where one of the chilldren, Sophie, gets taken away by a big giant also known as the BFG. The giant has especially big ears for a giant and can listen to things no human can hear. The giant collects dreams that he blows into children's rooms. One day, when he was blowing a dream into a child's room he heard a persons heart beat . He saw it was a little girl that lived in an orphanage named Sophie.


          The BFG took Sophie out of her bed and brought her into a place that wasn't even in the atlas. She was taken into a cave that was huge and had a huge desk and chair. Inside the cave was also a huge shelf that was filled with bottles of dreams, but Sophie didn't know the bottles were filled with dreams. Sophie thought the BFG was going to eat her, but instead the BFG told Sophie about the other child eating giants and what kind of child they prefere. So then Sophie understood that the BFG was a friendly non-eating child giant.The BFG told Sophie what the child-eating giants names were. The child eating giants were the Fleshlumpeater, Childchewer, Bonecruncher, Manhugger, Meatdripper, Maidmasher, Gizzardgulper, Bloodbottler and Butcher Boy. The BFG wasn't one of them because he disliked their ways and BFG is short for Big Friendly Giant.


            The BFG and Sophie went off to England to find the Queen. The Queen commanded the Head of the Army's to help capture the nine giants. The two of them took all the nine giants off into a hole in England with the Head of the Army's help with helicopters.In the hole, even if the giants stand on each other they are still not tall enough to reach the top. For the BFG he got to get a castle big enough for him to stand in right next to the Queen's castle as a reward. For Sophie there was a cottage right in between the Queen's castle and the BFG's castle as reward fro her.




The setting starts in Sophie's orphanage where Sophie sees the BFG. The next scene in the BFG's cave where Sophie was taken away by the BFG. The third setting in the book is the Queen of England's castle where Sophie and the BFG tries to get help from the Queen to capture the child eating giants.The fourth setting is the Giant Country where the helicopters are trying to capture the giants. The last setting of the book is the city that the Queen lives in where the queen asked people to build a house for the BFG and Sophie to live in beside her castle.



 The three main characters in the book are the Queen of England, Sophie and The BFG. The Queen of England helped the BFG and Sophie capture the child-eating Giants. Sophie is an orphan that was taken away by the BFG and found out that the BFG was in fact a big friendly giant. So Sophie helped the BFG capture the child-eating giants. The BFG is a big friendly giant that thinks eating children is cruel and fights against it.
                                                             My Opinion
The BFG is a very good book. This author whom I believe was very good past away in 1990. Nevertheless Roald Dahl's books are still very popular as of today. I recommend this book to a any preson with a very good imagination to enter this fantasy world. I think this book is really appealing to me because I really wanted to also kill the child-eating giant's.By  the same author Roald Dahl, I also enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolete Factory eventhough I was only in grade three.
 Some of the other books Roald Dahl wrote were like the Charlie and the Chcolete Factory, Charlie and the Glass Elevator, Matilda and James and the Giant Peach.Those books were really well writen and were really exciting. All of the books have to have something that you have to imagine about. That is why I recomend the books for people that have a really good imagination.

This is my book report.